• Auctions for WooCommerce – Elementor Support

    Auctions for WooCommerce from version 2.0 supports Elementor. Prerequisites are Elementor and Elementor PRO or PRO Elements (PRO Elements is Free WordPress plugin that enables PRO features in the Elementor page builder).   What exactly means that Auctions for WooCommerce have Elementor support? It means that now you have auction related widgets in Elementor widget […]
  • How to increase bid step for bid increment value to be more than 1

    In documentation’s FAQ item no 3 explains how can you accomplish behaviour where bid increment is going up in steps different than $1 – https://wpinstitut.com/auctions-for-woocommerce-documentation/ Basically you need to copy bid.php template to your child theme\woocommerce\single-product\bid.php and make following change step="any" becomes step="<?php echo ($product->get_auction_bid_increment()) ? $product->get_auction_bid_increment() : '1' ?>" This will make steps to […]
  • Add fee on checkout for auction winner

    To add fee on checkout for auction winner you can use code snippet below in your functions.php file. To change percentage of fee just modify global_fee or fee_per_auction variable. add_action( 'woocommerce_cart_calculate_fees', 'afw_add_fee_on_checkout' ); function afw_add_fee_on_checkout( $cart_object ) { $global_fee = 0.00; // initialize special global fee, 0.25 = 25% $fee_per_auction = 0.30; // fee per […]
  • Custom page template with custom query

    In this post we published quick example of custom query for AfW implemented as page template. You can download example of custom page template called “Auctions Example Template” here. Screenshot explains how to set it in WordPress editor. Code in example is basic one (but working) you will probably need to customize the code match […]
  • Custom min bid increase based on current bid value

    Is there a possibility to have minimal bid increments based on current bid amount? Yes, and you can use this code snippet in your child theme functions.php or via Code Snippets plugin. function afw_bid_value_classes( $metadata, $object_id, $meta_key, $single ) { if ( isset( $meta_key ) && '_auction_bid_increment' === $meta_key ) { $product = wc_get_product( $object_id […]
  • How can I prevent subscriber role from bidding?

    To accomplish that you can use code snippet below: // snippet that prevents bidding based on user role add_filter( 'auctions_for_woocommerce_before_place_bid_filter' , 'afw_prevent_bid_by_user_role' ); function afw_prevent_bid_by_user_role() { $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); if ( in_array ( 'subscriber', $current_user->roles ) ){ wc_add_notice( esc_html__('Your user role cannot bid.', 'auctions-for-woocommerce'), 'error' ); return FALSE; } else { // user can place […]
  • Automatically create a WC order when the auction ends (with Auctions for WooCommerce)

    Alex created code that programmatically creates a WooCommerce order when an auction (with bids) ends (thanks Alex!). You can use it as code snippet in your functions.php or as standalone plugin. Download it here https://github.com/f2pnt8/WooCommerce-Create-Order-on-Auction-End.
  • How can I place “Add to Watchlist” link to product archive page for all auctions?

    You can add this code (thx Mike) to your child theme functions.php file: // display "add to watchlist" on all product archive pages add_action( 'woocommerce_shop_loop_item_title', 'add_to_watchlist', 50 ); function add_to_watchlist() { global $product; if (isset($product) && $product == true) { wc_get_template('single-product/watchlist-link.php'); } }