Hi there!

Welcome to WPInstitut home page. Here you can find documentation and get support for our WordPress / WooCommerce plugins. Right now we have one WooCommerce extension published on WooCommerce.com store called Auctions For WooCommerce which allows you to easily implement real auctions on your WooCommerce powered web store. Auction demo website with latest plugin version can be found here but do not forget to check plugins’ documentation too.

How to access support page?

To access support page create account here and then click on Support in main menu. Once you access support page, follow steps to create support ticket. We reply to all tickets inside 24hrs max.


About and Contact

Small php / mysql / linux developer team usually into some projects related to WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystem. We develop mainly WooCommerce extensions and sometimes WordPress plugins and WordPress customizations.

You can reach us via email [email protected], please allow us up to 1-2 days to reply (usually we reply in hour or two). For support inquires please use ticket system.