• How can I prevent subscriber role from bidding?

    To accomplish that you can use code snippet below: // snippet that prevents bidding based on user role add_filter( 'auctions_for_woocommerce_before_place_bid_filter' , 'afw_prevent_bid_by_user_role' ); function afw_prevent_bid_by_user_role() { $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); if ( in_array ( 'subscriber', $current_user->roles ) ){ wc_add_notice( esc_html__('Your user role cannot bid.', 'auctions-for-woocommerce'), 'error' ); return FALSE; } else { // user can place […]
  • Automatically create a WC order when the auction ends (with Auctions for WooCommerce)

    Alex created code that programmatically creates a WooCommerce order when an auction (with bids) ends (thanks Alex!). You can use it as code snippet in your functions.php or as standalone plugin. Download it here https://github.com/f2pnt8/WooCommerce-Create-Order-on-Auction-End.
  • How can I place “Add to Watchlist” link to product archive page for all auctions?

    You can add this code (thx Mike) to your child theme functions.php file: // display "add to watchlist" on all product archive pages add_action( 'woocommerce_shop_loop_item_title', 'add_to_watchlist', 50 ); function add_to_watchlist() { global $product; if (isset($product) && $product == true) { wc_get_template('single-product/watchlist-link.php'); } }