• WooCommerce REST API tutorial for Auctions and Competitions

    Introduction Auctions for WooCommerce support REST api from v2.8 and Competitions for WooCommerce support it from v1.0. Here we will show couple of examples how you can use WooCommerce REST api with our plugins. First, we need to set up test / dev enviroment, we need REST client and key that allows us access to […]
  • Auctions for WooCommerce – Elementor Support

    Auctions for WooCommerce from version 2.0 supports Elementor. Prerequisites are Elementor and Elementor PRO or PRO Elements (PRO Elements is Free WordPress plugin that enables PRO features in the Elementor page builder).   What exactly means that Auctions for WooCommerce have Elementor support? It means that now you have auction related widgets in Elementor widget […]